The Treehouse Lodge

Located on a 10-acre oceanfront property in the famous Punta Uva beach, just south of Puerto Viejo in the province of Limon, the Treehouse Lodge in Costa Rica is truly a slice of paradise, with some of the scenery akin to ideas dreamed up when picturing a remote desert island
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Imagine waking up to the gentle lull of waves and the chorus of exotic birds. At the Treehouse Lodge in Costa Rica’s iconic Punta Uva beach, this isn’t just a dream—it’s everyday reality. This location encapsulates the essence of paradise, painting a vision of a secluded desert island that feels a world away from bustling civilization.

Nestled on a sprawling 10-acre oceanfront expanse, this refuge is strategically located just south of Puerto Viejo in the province of Limon. Here, guests are treated to an ambiance of unparalleled tranquillity. The lodge boasts exclusive access to a 300-meter beach stretch, where the azure waters kiss the golden sands. Despite being part of a larger accommodation complex, the Treehouse Lodge guarantees that intimate escape many yearn for.

Its architecture, elevated on majestic stilts, is reminiscent of those childhood treehouse fantasies. Veiled amidst the dense rainforest, a dramatic suspension bridge serves as its entrance. The interior is just as awe-inspiring. Divided into two levels, the upper echelon houses a spacious double king-sized bed and a snug ensuite restroom. On the lower floor, a queen bed awaits, adjacent to a well-equipped kitchen. It’s an idyllic setup for both families looking for a unique getaway and couples desiring a secluded romantic backdrop.

Yet, what truly sets the Treehouse Lodge apart is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Every piece of furniture, hand-carved to perfection, hails from sustainable wood sources. Solar panels are harnessed to heat water, and a strict adherence to eco-friendly cleaning products ensures the environment remains untarnished. Beyond these practices, the lodge is actively engaged in reforestation, regularly employing local communities, and has rightfully earned the Certificate of Sustainable Tourism. Guests are also educated on interacting responsibly with the vibrant wildlife around, fostering an environment of mutual respect.

If the allure of this sanctuary beckons, rates for the Treehouse Lodge kick off at €150 per night. For those contemplating a more extended sojourn, enticing multi-night deals are often available on their official website.

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