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Set between twin towering karri trees in a gorgeous area of forest, The Treehouse Denmark, stands close to the coast on the southern tip of Western Australia and has all the mod cons that are needed to enjoy a relaxing holiday
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Nestled amid the sprawling forests on the southern fringe of Western Australia, The Treehouse, Denmark, promises an experience that transcends typical holiday home stays. Towering karri trees cradle this unique abode, with the scenic Wilson Inlet occasionally peeping through from the house’s verandah, casting a serene watercolor palette against the forest backdrop.

But what sets The Treehouse apart is its harmonious coexistence with nature. Not only does it sit among the trees, but the landscape itself wraps around and even pierces through the house. Granite boulders – the forest’s ancient sculptures – transform the surroundings from merely wooded to a rugged adventurer’s paradise. Capitalizing on this natural art, the creators of The Treehouse welcomed a mammoth granite boulder right into the heart of the home. It rises majestically, merging with the living room, offering more than just visual allure – it becomes a pillar of strength, anchoring the house to the hillside.

Accessing this treetop retreat is an experience in itself. Guests are greeted by a gentle staircase carved alongside a lengthy granite rock, leading up to the welcoming deck. Come evening, the steps illuminate, setting the stage for the supporting karri trees that also light up, painting a picture of ethereal beauty.

Step inside, and you’re embraced by a flood of natural light illuminating a spacious, double-height living area. Designed with the modern traveler in mind, the open-plan setting seamlessly blends the kitchen and dining areas, ensuring every corner of the house revels in the captivating outdoor vistas. With state-of-the-art amenities at your fingertips, there’s little temptation to step outside – unless, of course, it’s to soak up more of nature’s grandeur from the expansive deck.

For those yearning for a tranquil escape, The Treehouse emerges as the quintessential sanctuary. Starting at €140 per night, guests are encouraged to spend at least two nights to fully immerse in its magic. And for those contemplating a more extended getaway? There’s a sweet reduction in rates, ensuring your sojourn among the trees is as indulgent as it is enchanting.

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Denmark 6333 WA AU
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Home » Listings » Oceania » Australia » Treehouse in Denmark