Oakey Koakey Treehouse

Set within five gloriously secluded acres of East Sussex woodland designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the secluded Oakey Koakey Treehouse can be reached within an hour's drive from London and offers a perfect antidote to the city
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Tucked away in the heart of Downash Wood lies the enchanting Oakey Koakey Treehouse. Spanning over a pristine five acres of East Sussex woodland, this gem stands proudly as a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Just a mere hour’s drive from London, this retreat offers city dwellers the ultimate rural escape.

With ample space in its private meadow, children can roam free, sparking their imaginations amidst nature. Adults, meanwhile, can unwind on the treehouse’s expansive wooden deck, furnished with comfortable chairs. From this vantage point, you’re effortlessly submerged amongst the oak treetops. This elevated positioning offers a splendid opportunity to observe Britain’s elusive wildlife – think deer grazing or foxes darting by. Sitting here, you’re enveloped in an aura of solitude, with the vast wilderness stretching endlessly.

Stepping inside the Oakey Koakey Treehouse, guests are greeted by a spacious, open-plan main room. Here, a luxurious double bed takes center stage, accompanied by a snug living area and a fully stocked kitchen. For the little ones, the bedroom offers a taste of adventure with a unique branch ladder and birdbox hangers, transforming bunk beds into their very own mini treehouse. Gargantuan windows frame views of swaying trees, ensuring nature is never out of sight. And for those craving an authentic outdoor experience, the barbecue and fire pit await below. Imagine roasting marshmallows under the stars and then retreating to the cozy confines of the treehouse.

If the idea of doing absolutely nothing appeals, the Oakey Koakey Treehouse has you covered. Guests can bask in the serene views and the symphony of nature. But for the restless souls yearning for exploration, countless woodland trails beckon, with many more attractions just a drive away. An experience this rich starts at €200 per night. It’s worth noting that a 2-night stay is the norm during weekdays, while weekends require a 3-night commitment.

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Home » Listings » Europe » United Kingdom » Oakey Koakey Treehouse