Netherby Treehouse

The world drops away as you leave the road for the gravel track and wind up through the greenery of the Netherby Estate to where the homely treehouse commands amazing views across the river to the Scottish Border from its secluded outpost
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Journeying away from the well-trodden road, a gravel track winds its way into the lush embrace of the Netherby Estate. Here, perched majestically, stands the Netherby Treehouse—a beacon of grandeur and warmth, offering unrivaled views stretching across the river to the Scottish Border. With its secluded locale, guests are cloaked in an aura of solitude, inviting relaxation amidst the verdant expanse.

Upon arrival, the treehouse’s hosts extend a warm welcome through a curated pack brimming with local, seasonal delights. An elevated walkway, stemming from the treehouse, merges with an ancient oak, providing a serene spot to breathe in the northern countryside’s rejuvenating air. The landscape is peppered with venerable oaks, the harmonious cadence of the Border Est river resonates in the backdrop, and the estate’s parkland teems with grazing sheep and diverse wildlife, painting a scene straight out of a pastoral dream.

Stepping inside, the treehouse radiates an undeniable charm of cozy comforts. A wood-burner acts as the heart of the living area, complemented by plush corner seating—an oasis of relaxation. The contemporary kitchen, packed with amenities, ensures families feel right at home. For young adventurers, a ladder beckons them to a mezzanine hosting two single beds. And after a day of exploration, or perhaps leisurely gazing at the scenery, adults can plunge into the garden’s inviting hot tub for a transcendent experience.

Typically, the Netherby Treehouse mandates a two-night minimum stay. Nevertheless, the hosts remain approachable for any special requests. With rates commencing at €220 per night, prices are subject to seasonal fluctuations.

Photo © Netherby Estate / The Graham Family

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Home » Listings » Europe » United Kingdom » Netherby Treehouse