Treehouse in the UK: Wolf Wood Treehouses

Located in the heart of a secluded 13-acre woodland in a hidden valley, the Wolf Wood Treehouses provide the ultimate combination of luxury and wilderness, with spacious decks featuring the most spectacular views and private outdoor hot tubs

Wolf Wood Treehouses are located in the heart of a secluded 13-acre woodland in a hidden valley, North of Dartmoor. They are just outside the pretty Devon village of Bratton Clovelly in the UK. These three stunning buildings provide the ultimate combination of luxury and wilderness, therefore making them the perfect choice for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. They are family-run, friendly, sustainable, and scenic. What more could one want?

The owners of Wolf Wood Treehouses care deeply about the environment, and it shows through every aspect of these properties. From the initial design and build to the ongoing plans for the forest, every decision has been undertaken with kindness in mind. All the wood for the construction was locally sourced and sustainably grown. No heavy machinery was brought into the area to assist with the build – it was a rope-and-pulley only affair! Everything was achieved with the willing help of friends and family. This small team also served to minimize the impact of the project on the environment.

The same quality of care that went into the construction phase of the Wolf Wood Treehouses was brought into the finishing. Access to the treehouses is via a rope bridge, which gives a stunning perspective over the countryside. Each room of each house is filled with light and simply lovely. Spacious decks provide the most spectacular views and two of the three treehouses have a private outdoor Jacuzzi bath – the ultimate indulgence! Heating is provided via crackling wood burners, while wood finishings throughout create a rustic atmosphere, bringing guests closer to nature.

Wolf Wood Treehouses are the perfect choice for wildlife lovers. The way the cabins hide up in the treetops means that the local wildlife barely notices the humans hovering on the decks, peeking into their lives. The care that the owners take to preserve and improve the surrounding environment means that wildlife thrives here.

Rates for a night at one of the Wolf Wood Treehouses start from €280 and a minimum stay of two nights is required.

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