Primland Resort Treehouses

Perched on the edge of the mountains and a short drive from the Lodge, Primland’s Tree Houses are built around the solid branches of the treetops, each giving way to sweeping views of the majestic Kibler Valley and North Carolina piedmont from the comfort of a vast private deck
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Nestled within the panoramic embrace of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia is the Primland Resort Treehouses, the epitome of luxury, serenity, and nature’s charm. This grand mansion isn’t merely an accommodation—it encapsulates an experience, seamlessly fusing the exhilarating thrills of nature with the pinnacle of luxury.

Primland Resort prides itself as America’s premier sporting retreat, offering a wide range of sporting activities. However, the magic truly unfolds when you take a closer look at the trio of treehouses that beckon guests for an unforgettable stay. With their secluded charm and panoramic views, it’s no wonder many find themselves captivated, forgoing other attractions.

A short scenic drive from the main lodge transports guests to these luxurious arboreal abodes. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of the main resort, these treehouses stand as solitary sentinels overlooking breathtaking views of the Kibler Valley and the Dan River Gorge. Each treehouse, with its vast private deck, ensures that guests can soak in the ethereal beauty of the surroundings in undisturbed serenity.

Let’s dive into the unique attributes of each of these architectural marvels:

Barn Owl: As the name intriguingly suggests, this treehouse offers guests a vantage point reminiscent of an owl’s perch. The chosen oak tree, anchored on a scenic ridge, showcases sweeping vistas of the valley beneath, offering a serene experience that remains etched in memory.

Cooper’s Hawk: This mountain peak gem, constructed from rich cedarwood, bridges two majestic trees. Offering over 400 square feet of living space, it is a testament to rustic luxury. Every inch of Cooper’s Hawk speaks of opulence, all while being ensconced in nature’s embrace.

Golden Eagle: A marvel of sustainable construction, the Golden Eagle stands gracefully within the sturdy limbs of one of the resort’s oldest oak trees. The construction, which avoids using even a single nail in the host tree, resonates with the resort’s commitment to harmonizing luxury with nature.

For those seeking a luxurious retreat, each of Primland Resort’s Treehouses offers an intimate haven, cocooned from the outside world. Starting at €550, guests not only get to experience the lavishness of the treehouses but also enjoy unrestricted access to the resort’s world-class amenities.

In the heart of Virginia, Primland Resort Treehouses redefine luxury, offering guests an unmatched fusion of nature’s allure and man’s architectural prowess. So, if you’re seeking an escape that promises unparalleled luxury amidst nature’s finest backdrop, look no further.

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