Washougal Riverside Treehouse

The epitome of relaxation, the Washougal Riverside Treehouse is situated at the mouth of the world-famous Columbian River Gorge, a stunning area of the USA where hiking can be enjoyed in some of the best scenery in the country
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Imagine this: the gentle sway of a hammock, cradled between two sturdy trees beneath the comforting shade of your treehouse. The distant murmur of a river flows, teasing your ears, only feet away from where you lay. This isn’t a scene from a storybook; it’s the reality at the Washougal Riverside Treehouse.

Positioned majestically at the entrance of the iconic Columbia River Gorge, the treehouse presents not just a retreat but an invitation. An invitation to explore one of America’s most scenic landscapes, renowned for trails that wind through its dramatic vistas.

As you ascend the elegant wooden staircase leading to the treehouse, you’re greeted by a spacious deck. This is your portal into the heart of the treehouse: a generously-sized bedroom adorned with a vast glass door. Whether you’re ensconced in the room or lounging on the deck, the river demands your attention, its waters glittering under the day’s sun. And as dusk creeps in, the horizon ignites with the golden hues of sunset, casting a warm glow over the flowing waters. The interiors boast a blend of vintage charm and modern comfort, crafting a setting that feels both nostalgic and uniquely fitting for its surroundings.

While the treehouse primarily offers a snug bedroom retreat, guests needn’t worry about amenities. The owner’s main house, a short stroll away, houses a fully-equipped bathroom and kitchen, available at any time. Within the treehouse, a mini-fridge and microwave stand ready, along with a TV. But with the natural cinema unfolding outside, who needs screens?

For those craving a closer interaction with the river, a sandy enclave beckons downstream, ideal for an invigorating swim. Despite its secluded ambiance, the treehouse boasts prime connectivity. Portland’s vibrant streets are a mere 20-minute drive, and the airport is even closer, only 15 minutes away. It’s a harmonious blend of serene isolation and accessibility.

Looking to book this riverside gem? Rates begin at a modest €80 per night. Reservations can be made via Airbnb.

Photo © Washougal Riverside Treehouse / Airbnb

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Home » Listings » Americas » North America » Treehouse Hotels in the USA » Washougal Riverside Treehouse