The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse

The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse is a beautiful tree house hotel located at the outskirt of Italy, within close proximity to Malpenesa Airport.
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Tucked between the bustling cities of Milan and Turin and a short drive from Malpenesa Airport, the Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse stands as a tranquil haven for those yearning for an Italian retreat with a twist. Perched amidst the serene hills, this exquisite treehouse hotel offers an unparalleled panoramic view, teasing the senses with the scents of linden trees and aromatic herbs.

Sprawling over 18,000 square meters, the property’s lush garden is adorned with sunbathing areas and a shimmering swimming pool. Gaze around, and your eyes will be treated to majestic cedars of Lebanon, magnolias, hollies, and tamarisks. And if fortune favors, you might even catch a glimpse of baby deer frolicking nearby while you savor your morning breakfast on the deck.

However, what truly sets the Monferrato treehouse apart is its prime location in a region celebrated for its premium wines, including Barbera, Freisa, Grignolino, and Cortese. For wine enthusiasts, this is a golden opportunity to step into local wine cellars and experience firsthand the rich legacy of wine production. It’s an idyllic escape, especially for couples seeking a serene backdrop to indulge in fine wine, cheese, and a riveting book.

But the allure of the Monferrato Aroma(n)rica Treehouse doesn’t end here. Its vicinity boasts a plethora of activities to enrich your stay. Embark on invigorating nature walks, cycle through scenic routes, or dive deep into the region’s cultural heritage. For the gastronomically inclined, local taverns and cottages offer a tantalizing taste of the region’s specialties.

Should you wish to expand your horizons, the treehouse’s strategic location is a boon. Casale Monferrato and Alessandria beckon just a 5-minute car journey away. Moreover, the iconic cities of Alba, Barolo, and Asti are within easy reach. And if a shopping spree is on your mind, Turin, Milan, and Genoa await, each just an hour’s drive away.

Ready to experience this treetop paradise for yourself? The Monferrato Aroma(n)rica treehouse hotel is available for booking on Airbnb, with prices commencing from a reasonable $130 per night.

For more visuals and details, do check out the source and images at Airbnb.

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