The Ufogel Treehouse

Playfully taking its name from a combination of the words 'UFO' and 'Vogel,' this tree house hotel overlooks some of the best mountain views in Austria.
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Austria’s vast mountain ranges are awe-inspiring, and nestled on a hillside in Nußdorf/Debant, near Lienz, is an architectural marvel that offers a front row seat to nature’s spectacle. Introducing the Ufogel – a 45 square metre tree house that’s not just a place to rest your head, but an experience in itself.

Masterfully designed by Peter Jungmann, this whimsically named dwelling draws inspiration from the German word ‘Vogel’, meaning bird, and the iconic shape of a UFO. The result? A structure on stilts that seems to float in the midst of the East Tyrolean landscape.

But the Ufogel isn’t just about unique aesthetics. The family who commissioned it had a clear vision – they wanted a holiday retreat that would maximise the breathtaking views without disturbing the tranquillity and sanctity of the environment. And Jungmann delivered.

The Ufogel’s interior, constructed largely of larch, is a celebration of rustic elegance and modern comfort. The expansive panoramic windows act as a canvas, framing the outdoors and ensuring that nature is never far away. It’s a space where every sunrise becomes an intimate affair and every sunset a personal spectacle.

The curved timber design, draped in traditional shingles, is not only visually stunning but also envelops guests in warmth and security. Modernity meets nostalgia. The kitchenette boasts contemporary amenities, while the designer shower adds a touch of luxury. Every corner of the Ufogel whispers comfort.

But it’s not just the comforts inside that make it special, it’s the feeling it evokes. Guests often remark that the Ufogel feels like a return to the essence of living, a place where you can drift into peaceful slumber, surrounded by the sounds of nature.

So, for those who want to swap the bustle of the city for the melody of the mountains, the Ufogel awaits. A seven-day retreat at this treehouse hotel is priced at a competitive €840. To make sure you don’t miss out on this slice of paradise, you can book your Ufogel experience here. Thanks to, not only are you guaranteed the best prices, but they also offer the convenience of free cancellation on most rooms.

Find out more about the visionary behind this masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the world of © Peter Jungmann, an architect who beautifully combines functionality with fantasy.

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Gaimbergstraße 1
Nußdorf 9990 Tirol AT
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Home » Listings » Europe » Austria » The Ufogel Treehouse