Rolling Homes by Do Architects

In reference to the Rolling Stones famous song “Gimme Shelter”, the studio Do Architects has designed a series of tubular houses named “Rolling Homes”. A name that makes sense when you look this colony of circular houses, just about to roll on the grass.

Summer never ends in the rolling homes of Svencelė. These dynamic and playful houses reflect the relaxed atmosphere of their seaside location as well as the progressive and dynamic people who will choose to call them home. The noticeable form of each rolling home facilitates a clever plan layout over three surprisingly efficient levels. Transparent facades allow for uninterrupted views of the surrounding canals and ensure a strong connection, both visual and physical, between the occupant and nature. The closed sides of the buildings, however, maintain privacy among neighbours. Internal space and natural light are maximised by the expanding cylindrical volume of each house. All of the required conveniences for an exclusive modern lifestyle are provided in the eye catching rolling homes, which combined with their stunning natural location create a desirable place to live.

Type: Single Family House
Status: Technical Project
Area: 101 m² (12 Houses)
Year: Ongoing
Location: Svencelė, Lithuania
Team: Andrė Baldišiūtė, Algimantas Neniškis, Gilma Teodora Gylytė, Sabina Daugėlienė, Marija Steponavičiūtė, Gediminas Aismontas, Edvinas Skiestenis

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