The Raven Loft: A tiny treehouse with lots of space (Vancouver, British Columbia)

This self-made treehouse is a one-man project built by Geoff de Ruiter. It is located in the woods of Pender Island, close to Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada). Since there is no water or electricity supply nearby, de Ruiter had to be creative when designing his vacation retreat. With self-made interior design and smart storage solutions, he managed to fit in all the amenities needed while following the idea of a simple and sustainable lifestyle.

The treehouse was built 5 meters off the ground in a western red cedar but is easily accessible over a staircase. The outside is partly covered by wooden shingles which help to blend in perfectly with the lush forest around. Large windows provide a stunning panoramic view on the surroundings.

The interior was made mostly out of reclaimed wood or second-hand material. But it still features all necessary amenities should de Ruiter decides to live there permanently. It features a home-made water supply system, a high-tech composting toilet, a mini-fridge, an induction stove and more. To learn more about the Raven Loft, go on a tour with the owner himself by watching the video below:

Photo Credits: Geoff de Ruiter

[map w=”670″ h=”400″ style=”full” z=”8″ marker=”yes” infowindow=”Pender Island” infowindowdefault=”yes or no” maptype=”TERRAIN” hidecontrols=”false” address=”Pender Island”]

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