Baman Treehouse

Set within a copse of maritime pines, the Baman Tree house hotel, which means “settle down” in Celtic, is another lodging option of Les cabanes perchées de Dihan.
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Deep within Dihan, where the idyllic realms of Carnac and Quiberon converse, a mere 7 km from the tales of Auray and the legendary port of St-Goustan, Dihan Évasion beckons with the promise of unique and immersive experiences.

Birthed from Myriam and Arno’s passion to rejuvenate an ancestral family farm, Dihan Evasion blossomed into a sanctuary of novel accommodations. Beyond the realm of conventional chalets, lies the thrill of a Mongolian yurt, the romance of a wooden caravan, the allure of tree houses, and the magic of tents suspended amidst nature’s embrace. With seven distinct treehouses, each whispering its own tales — from the mystical Folenn to the enigmatic Sterenn, there lies an odyssey waiting to be explored.

Amidst the silent watch of maritime pines, stands the Baman Tree house hotel. In Celtic, “Baman” is an invitation to “settle down”, a sentiment that resonates with every corner of this haven. Overlooking the Celtic fountain, the Baman treehouse is a secluded gem, where tranquility reigns supreme.

Imagine mornings on a sprawling balcony beneath the sheltering canopy, the delicate scent of pine in the air, and the soft chirrups heralding dawn. The Baman’s balcony is that dream nook, whether it’s a morning reverie or a lazy afternoon siesta. As autumn weaves its spell, the playful squirrels grace its environs, dancing amidst the fallen pine cones. The treehouse holds another marvel — the very tree it stands on, a guardian watching over its occupants, ensuring dreams remain sweet.

For those traveling in larger groups or with extended family, the Baman tree house is seamlessly connected to the expansive Pradan treehouse. And for those who value easy accessibility, Baman holds the distinction of being the most approachable among Dihan’s treehouse offerings.

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Home » Listings » Europe » France » Baman Treehouse