Sterenn Treehouse

The Sterenn tree house hotel is an unusual accommodation in Brittany with a barrel shaped entrance that leads to a spacious 35m² wooden room.
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Tucked away in the picturesque locale of Dihan, nestled between Carnac and Quiberon, and a mere 7 km jaunt from Auray and the revered port of St-Goustan, lies a unique retreat—Dihan Évasion.

A brainchild of Myriam and Arno, who bid adieu to their teaching careers to breathe life into an old familial farmstead, Dihan Evasion is a haven for those seeking a one-of-a-kind lodging experience. Traditional chalets and rooms meet their match in adventurous alternatives like the whimsical Mongolian yurt, quaint wooden caravan, fantastical treehouses, and tents floating amidst the treetops. With seven distinctive treehouses to its credit—each echoing its own persona—the choices include the serene Folenn, starlit Sterenn, sun-kissed Heol, to the cozy havens of Baman, Lov’Nid, Nijal, and the inviting Neh er Lenn.

Taking center stage is the Sterenn Tree house hotel. A tribute to the cosmos, “Sterenn,” translating to “star” in Breton, is a vision brought to life by Arno himself. Its unique barrel-shaped entrance beckons visitors into a commodious wooden sanctuary spanning 35m². The southward balcony, an epitome of tranquility, serves as an ideal breakfast nook, allowing one to marvel at the avian ballet and deer gracefully meandering below.

Perfect for couples seeking a celestial escapade or families yearning for an offbeat vacation, Sterenn comfortably accommodates up to five guests, featuring two plush double beds and an additional mezzanine bed.

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Ploemel 56400 Bretagne FR
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Home » Listings » Europe » France » Sterenn Treehouse