Traveller’s Hideout Treehouse

The Traveller's Hideout tree house hotel is a hidden gem in Monaragala, Sri Lanka surrounded by terraced green paddy fields, banana orchards and pepper-gardens.
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In the heart of Miyanawatta, Anusha & Benjamin, the visionary minds behind the Traveller’s Hideout, embarked on an ambitious project in August 2012. Collaborating with their friend Nils, they sought to craft a unique haven – a treehouse that combined authentic charm with contemporary luxury. Their first task? Finding the perfect tree to serve as the foundation of their lofty dream.

Once the tree was chosen, the trio wasted no time. They deftly constructed the lower platform and procured the essential bolts. With careful precision, these bolts were set, paving the way for the fixation of the ‘knees’. Connecting these components, the group then shifted their focus to constructing a sturdy bridge. Stairs swiftly followed, acting as an inviting pathway to the treehouse’s entrance, flanked by robust posts.

The meticulous construction reached its zenith with the assembly of the roof. A nod to local architecture and tradition, they topped it off with palm leaves. By January 2014, nearly 18 months since its inception, their magnum opus, the Traveller’s Hideout treehouse, stood tall and proud.

Today, this mesmerizing abode offers amenities reminiscent of luxurious treehouse resorts worldwide. It boasts a direct waterline, functional kitchen and hand wash sinks, a flushing toilet, and a bespoke bathroom. An added touch of elegance? An open-air shower near the bridge, perfect for nature lovers.

The Traveller’s Hideout treehouse is more than just a stay; it’s an experience. Set amidst a quaint village, this sanctuary is surrounded by terraced paddy fields, fragrant banana orchards, and vibrant pepper gardens. Strategically located, it sits 260km from Colombo and a mere 80km from the picturesque Arugam Bay on the East Coast.

Nestled in the Uva Province, Monaragala is a beacon of serene beauty in central Eastern Sri Lanka. Just 10km north of Monaragala town, the village housing the treehouse is blessed with a climate that’s an amalgamation of upcountry freshness and the warm embrace of the Monaragala mountain range. For the avid explorer, a nearby mountain offers panoramic views of Sri Lanka’s pristine east coast on a cloudless day.

The pièce de résistance? The treehouse itself. Perfectly cradled by a majestic Mango tree beside a gurgling stream and cocooned by the rainforest, this intimate space, accommodating two guests, is a dream come true. Whether you’re a yogi, a thinker, a reader, or a writer, the tranquility of this one-of-a-kind retreat promises rejuvenation and inspiration.

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Home » Listings » Asia » Southeast Asia » Traveller’s Hideout Treehouse