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Built in a fabulous location on an Baobab, Mbili was Chole Mjini's first tree house hotel and is (along with number seven) the biggest, most ambitious construct.
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Forget any preconceived notions of what a treehouse hotel should be. Chole Mjini isn’t that, and it doesn’t aspire to be. Instead, it offers an escape, a vision of a castaway dream set amidst a lush jungle island. This sanctuary is crafted for the discerning traveler, one who seeks more than modern-day amenities. For those who yearn for the raw elegance that stirs the soul, Chole Mjini promises a return to the simple luxuries of life.

With six artfully designed treehouses and a unique ground house, this treehouse resort stands apart. Each structure boasts one or two levels, providing guests with sweeping views of the shimmering ocean and the bay cradling the island. The interiors exude rustic luxury with expansive “throne-like” beds, inviting hammocks, cozy sitting areas, and the unparalleled luxury of open-air showers.

But what truly sets these treehouses apart is the labor of love and tradition that went into their creation. Each one is a testament to craftsmanship, taking up to a year to construct entirely by hand. Every piece of wood, every plank, was meticulously sourced from local traders on Chole. The journey of each tree – from being hand-cut, transported by dhow, cured, and finally crafted – resonates in the walls of these abodes.

Of all the treehouses, the tale of Mbili stands out. As Chole Mjini’s pioneering treehouse, Mbili’s creation was a monumental task, stretching out for nearly a year. But the result? A magnificent two-story structure, housing two plush double beds, with breathtaking views, especially from the upper level. But more than its physical beauty, what gives Mbili its soul is its magnificent baobab host. This ancient tree, the most venerable of all at Chole Mjini, is said to have its own spirit. It’s no wonder that one enamored guest, even after leaving, still pens emails to this majestic tree, awaiting a whisper from its silent depths.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Tanzania » MBILI Treehouse