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Built high up in the canopy of a huge and ancient baobab, tree house hotel number 1 ("MOJA" in Bantu) is popular because of the views of the sea out to Kinasi Pass
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Chole Mjini isn’t your typical treehouse hotel; it transcends the expected. Nestled on a secluded island, this retreat is a dream for those who yearn for a different kind of luxury – one that nurtures the senses, celebrates authenticity, and honors simplicity. Far from the norms of modern conveniences like room service and air conditioning, Chole Mjini is a homage to nature and raw beauty.

The resort, with its six treehouses and one unique ground house, offers an intimate experience unlike any other. Each treehouse has been meticulously designed, offering guests one or two stories that unveil expansive vistas of the ocean and bay enveloping the island. Inside, guests are treated to majestic “throne-like” beds, a serene hammock to relax in, designated seating areas with benches or couches, private bathing quarters, and invigorating open-air showers.

The craftsmanship behind these treehouses is astounding. Built entirely by hand using traditional tools, each treehouse’s creation spanned six months to a year. The emphasis was on sustainability and community support; every material was sourced exclusively from local Chole traders. From the trees felled for poles and planks, everything was done manually. After being cut, the wood was transformed into planks, transported to Chole using traditional dhows, and left to cure for a year. Only then were they molded into the enchanting dwellings we see today.

One treehouse, named “MOJA” in Bantu, is particularly captivating. Perched high within the expansive canopy of an ancient baobab tree (which curiously grows with its roots submerged in the sea), MOJA offers an unparalleled view. Overlooking the Kinasi Pass, guests can marvel at the shimmering sea, be captivated by the twinkling dance of fireflies at night, and wake up to a chorus of birdsong. Occasionally, the lofty branches are shared with other winged residents like nesting Fish Eagles or Kites. Unique among its peers, MOJA stands on a singular level, housing just one regal king-sized bed.

But the pièce de résistance of this treehouse? The shower, artfully concealed within a bamboo grove, promises an immersive experience, making it a consistent favorite among guests.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Tanzania » MOJA Treehouse