TANO Treehouse

TANO tree house hotel has sweeping views of Chole Bay and delicious breezes. When the figs are ripe the tree at Tano becomes a favorite haunt of the 'flying foxes' that live on Chole.
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Chole Mjini’s unique tree house retreats are far from your average holiday lodging. In the heart of a lush jungle island, they are a true embodiment of castaway fantasies, woven with tales of simple luxuries and untouched nature. These seven havens – six treehouses and a ground house – are for the soul seekers who yearn for the melodious tunes of nature over the monotony of room service bells.

Each treehouse stands as a testimony to craftsmanship, patience, and dedication. From the meticulously hand-cut and cured wood, the traditional tools used for construction, to the dedicated traders of Chole who sourced the materials — each facet of these treehouses sings a harmonious tune of tradition and passion.

Among these treehouse gems is Tano, meaning “Five” in Bantu. Unlike any other, Tano is ensconced within the fig-wrapped ruins of a 19th-century edifice. This ancient structure whispers tales of Chole’s illustrious past when it thrived as a trade hub, connecting the grand Shirazi Sultanate of Kilwa with the opulent Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar.

With its unique ‘tea house’ design, Tano offers an immersive experience. From its elevated perch, guests are treated to panoramic views of Chole Bay, caressed by gentle breezes that carry with them stories of eras gone by. And if you visit at just the right time, the fig tree enveloping Tano turns into a spectacle, attracting gorgeous ‘flying foxes’ or fruit bats, adding another layer to the already enchanting ambiance.

The shower area, a masterpiece in itself, is ingeniously built into the remnants of the ruin, spacious enough to rival a football field. The toilet, though contemporary in design, complements the rustic charm with its brightness and openness.

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Home » Listings » Africa » Tanzania » TANO Treehouse