Silky Oaks Lodge Treehouse

A gateway to explore Tropical North Queensland, the elegant Silky Oaks Lodge offers accommodation in a fine array of tree houses designed to connect guests with the surrounding natural tropical environment.
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Nestled deep within the lush realms of Tropical North Queensland, the Silky Oaks Lodge, poised gracefully on the banks of the Mossman Gorge River, promises not just an idyllic getaway, but an experience that will linger in your memories. With the rainforest as its backdrop, this haven combines luxury and nature in the most harmonious way.

Imagine waking up in a beautifully crafted treehouse that seems more an extension of nature than a man-made structure. Every treehouse and cabin at the Silky Oaks Lodge is a testament to architectural finesse and respect for nature. Radiating tropical elegance, the interiors are adorned with polished rosewood and oak furnishings. The sophistication is accentuated with marble-finished bathrooms, promising a touch of opulence amidst the wild. And for those who desire an immersive rainforest experience, select suites offer expansive terraces, draped with inviting hammocks and daybeds, perfectly positioned for soaking in panoramic views of the verdant surroundings.

Yet, the charm of Silky Oaks Lodge is not confined to its accommodation. A holistic journey awaits guests. Dive deep into relaxation at the award-winning spa, where treatments are meticulously designed, taking cues from the timeless beauty of the neighboring Daintree Rainforest. From massages that rejuvenate the soul to facials that breathe life into the skin, it’s a sensory realm like no other.

Food enthusiasts, prepare to be enthralled. The Treehouse Restaurant, elevated amidst the towering canopies of the rainforest, offers an unparalleled dining extravaganza. As you savor delectable Australian cuisine, crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients, nature serenades you with the gentle murmurs of the river and the rhythmic dance of the leaves.

For the intrepid spirits, the lodge’s pristine location is a dream. Adjacent to the World Heritage Listed Daintree National Park, a rich tapestry of unique flora and fauna beckons. Embark on a guided Rainforest Walk, delve deep into the heart of this ancient land, or carve out your own path with the in-house Trail Guide. Paired with a meticulously curated picnic basket, your exploration promises wonder at every step.

Its convenience is another feather in the cap for the Silky Oaks Lodge. Cairns is easily accessible, and the charm-laden town of Port Douglas is just a quick 15-minute drive away. Thus, positioning Silky Oaks Lodge as a nexus of tropical luxury and accessibility.

Considering a sojourn to this paradisiacal abode? A seamless booking experience awaits you. With competitive rates and instant confirmation, planning your escape has never been easier.

Photos Courtesy: Silky Oaks Lodge.

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Home » Listings » Oceania » Australia » Silky Oaks Lodge Treehouse