Chateaux dans les Arbres Treehouses

Modeled on Dordogne's castles, these four fanciful luxury treehouse masterpieces were born out of a desire to create sumptuous, magical spaces whilst still preserving the environment.
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Deep within the verdant embrace of France’s Perigord region, a stone’s throw from Bordeaux, stands a unique testament to architectural whimsy: the Chateaux dans les Arbres. Drawing inspiration from the local castles of Dordogne, these four treehouse masterpieces present a lavish blend of nature, luxury, and fantasy.

Every treehouse is a unique haven of tranquility, complete with breathtaking views of the French countryside, and the promise of a gourmet meal, a refreshing dip in the pool, or a rejuvenating soak in an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Cabane Monbazillac: A fusion of elegance and nature, this bed and breakfast stands tall amidst chestnut and oak trees. Its crowning glory is the outdoor jacuzzi on the terrace, offering guests an unparalleled panoramic view. At 225 € per night, including breakfast, it offers an escape right on the edge of the forest, blending seamlessly with the landscape.

Cabane Hautefort: This magnificent dwelling is nestled in the embrace of a century-old oak, next to a serene moat. With a capacity to host up to 6 guests, a stroll on its wooden footbridge reveals a vast inner courtyard. The Cabane Hautefort is a testament to grandeur, priced at 235 € per night.

Cabane Milandes: Perched high up, amidst a grove of oaks, this family-sized haven is reminiscent of a traditional French castle. Its expansive terrace offers a bird’s-eye view of nature, priced at a modest 235 € per night.

Cabane Spa Sauna De Puybeton: This epitome of opulence and relaxation is secluded amidst chestnut and oak trees. Its features range from an indoor fireplace, a terrace overlooking the picturesque Dordogne, and an ultra-modern bathroom in the main tower. For 265€ a night, guests also gain access to the estate’s infinity pool, encompassing 26 acres of unspoiled beauty.

Rémi, the visionary behind these architectural marvels, brings to Chateaux dans les Arbres not just skill, but a deep-seated passion. His extensive experience, spanning eight years, in crafting treehouses across France, shines through in every intricate detail. These structures, crafted by his company, Nid Perché, stand as a tribute to traditional French architecture, all while championing the cause of environmental conservation.

With the soothing whispers of the Dordogne wind, panoramic views of the countryside, and a stay that promises both luxury and serenity, Chateaux dans les Arbres offers an experience that’s truly once in a lifetime.

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Domaine de Puybeton
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