Poste Rojo Treehouse

Located off-the-beaten path in the Nicaraguan jungle, the Poste Rojo Treehouse is the brain child of Chad Cunningham, a treehouse lover.
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Nestled in the heart of the Nicaraguan jungle lies a secret, waiting to be discovered – the Poste Rojo Treehouse. Reaching this destination requires more than just an address. It demands meticulous directions, a mastery in Spanish nuances, and an undying spirit of adventure.

Born from the dreams of Chad Cunningham, a man who carried forward his childhood love for building treehouses, the Poste Rojo Treehouse is a testament to the power of passion. His vision has transformed into a magnificent venue, where rustic charm meets dreamy nostalgia.

For those itching to uncover this hidden treasure, the journey commences from the city of Granada. Traveling towards the coast, a mere 15-minute ride on a local bus or a ‘collectivo’ will lead travelers to the “Poste Rojo” bus stop. Here, a path unravels, crossing a Jehovah Church, cutting through farmlands, and ascending into the jungle’s embrace. The staircases signal that the treehouse is close.

Connecting the central area to a scenic yoga deck is a suspended footbridge, offering panoramic views of the jungle. The treehouse isn’t just about stunning views. As the sun sets, movie nights under the starlit sky come alive with the symphony of monkeys, birds, frogs, and toads, crafting a unique ambiance that can rival any movie’s soundtrack.

Backpackers can enjoy the treehouse’s open-air beauty by renting a hammock for just $4.50 a night. But for those desiring a more conventional sleep, the treehouse also boasts dorms, private chambers, and casitas, ranging between $8 to $20 per night. The plush wooden beds and cozy mattresses assure a night of serenity.

The allure of Poste Rojo goes beyond its architecture. It’s in the warmth of its community, the delectable family-style dinners, the dedicated staff, and the vibrant energy that makes this treehouse stand out from the usual travel spots.

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Home » Listings » Americas » Central America » Nicaragua » Poste Rojo Treehouse