John Eames’ Tropical Treehouse

Ideally situated to take advantage of the breezes off the Pacific Ocean and nearby estuary in the Nicaraguan jungle, this treehouse is a dream com true.
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It was the rhythmic lull of the surf that first beckoned John Eames to El Gigante, Nicaragua, back in 2005. Over the next three years, Eames immersed himself in the local life, working on boats and launching Gigante Bay, a business designed to accommodate visiting surf enthusiasts. But his vision went beyond just catering to surfers.

Eyes set on a picturesque piece of property, nestled between a pristine beach and a serene estuary, Eames saw potential in a modest one-story brick house. For him, this wasn’t just a house; it was a canvas awaiting transformation. “I envisioned a second story from the outset,” Eames shares, imagining an edifice that would mirror the mangroves on the estuary’s opposite shore and harness the refreshing winds cascading from the valley.

Fuelled by inspirations from his travels and his penchant for outdoor living in tropical settings, Eames embarked on a project to elevate the house—literally. He added an expansive 2,000-square-foot open tree house that not only embraced but celebrated the breathtaking surroundings. Drawing from his expertise in the hardware business, Eames meticulously engineered the structure, ensuring every detail was perfect.

Purposefully designed to maximize the Pacific Ocean’s cooling breezes and the neighboring estuary, this architectural marvel boasts unobstructed panoramic views. Bedrooms are open, allowing residents to bask in soft, filtered sunlight and breathe in the fresh, tropical air. Yet, one particular design choice stands out: a lavish $1,400 bathtub strategically positioned to offer unrivaled views of the estuary, beach, and the distant Pie de Gigante. There’s a certain opulence in soaking in that tub during sunset, sipping chilled red wine,” Eames muses, quickly adding with a chuckle, “Though, I’d never admit to being decadent.

It’s evident that this tree house is more than just a residence—it’s a love letter to nature, a testament to Eames’ vision, and an ode to the beauty of Nicaragua.

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Home » Listings » Americas » Central America » Nicaragua » John Eames’ Tropical Treehouse