Soneva Kiri Resort Children’s Activity and Learning Centre

Built in the shape of a manta ray, the Soneva Kiri Resort Children's Activity and Learning Centre treehouse provides a wide range of entertaining activities
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Nestled within the luxurious confines of the 6-star Soneva Kiri hotel resort on Koh Kood island, the Gulf of Thailand boasts an architectural marvel – the Children’s Activity and Learning Centre, crafted by the renowned 24H>architecture team.

This colossal treehouse, designed to mirror the majestic manta ray, is an epicenter of fun, learning, and wonder. Children stepping into this paradise are greeted by an array of vibrant spaces – an auditorium doubling up as a cinema, a permaculture-focused library, an art sanctum, and a room echoing with melodies. At its heart, this centre seamlessly marries creative exploration with ecological learning.

Adding to its charm is a kitchen garden. Here, children not only nurture vegetables but also, under the watchful eye of a dedicated chef, transform them into delectable dishes. The centre’s location on a rocky outcrop, a stone’s throw from the sea, gifts it unparalleled views. From a lofty 26 feet, children can gaze out at the mesmerizing junction of sea meets jungle.

Soneva Kiri’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its design. The manta ray-shaped bamboo dome, appearing poised for a leap into the bay, is constructed from locally sourced Thai bamboo and timber. This ecological ethos extends within, where interiors are crafted from local River Red Gum wood and rattan, ensuring the treehouse’s harmony with its surroundings.

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Designed with a bioclimatic touch to adapt to its tropical surroundings, the treehouse showcases a vast, umbrella-like roof that provides shade and repels heavy downpours. An open design, paired with a translucent, elevated rooftop, ensures optimal natural airflow and abundant daylight use. Add to this a petite dining treehouse and a snug sleeping pod, and you have a haven that invites, engages, and ensnares with its allure.

A voyage to this extraordinary treehouse is bound to etch itself in memory. And to leave you with a visual feast, all images come courtesy of 24H>architecture © Kiattipong Panchee & Boris Zeisser.

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Home » Listings » Asia » Southeast Asia » Thailand » Soneva Kiri Resort Children’s Activity and Learning Centre